Canada Visa for Giving Birth Requirement

In addition, if you have documents in any other language except for English or French, you must translate them. The translation must be verified by a certified translator.

How to apply for the visa for giving birth in Canada?

If you are coming to Canada to give birth, then you must apply for the visa. The application process is not much different from a visitor visa, but there are several steps you must follow.

  1. Confirm your eligibility for the Canada visa for the Purpose of giving Birth.
  2. Submit the documents required for a Canada visa for giving birth.
  3. Submit the application.
  4. Wait for processing and respond to additional requests for information.
  5. Send your passport for stamping.

It is recommended that you state that you are pregnant somewhere in your application. If you try to hide your pregnancy because you do not know whether they will give you the visa, then the Canadian Consulate can deny your visa because you were not truthful. They call this a misrepresentation of yourself.

So, in your Declaration Letter or any place in the application forms where they ask you for the reason why you want to go to Canada, you can state that you want to visit Canada but that you are also pregnant.

Also, in the forms where it asks whether you have a medical condition, you can state “No” because pregnancy does not qualify as a medical condition according to the Canadian Government.

Once you submit all the documents, you can then proceed to submit the application. After that, you will have to pay the visa application fee and your application will be completed.

What are the fees for this visa to give birth in Canada?

The fees for the visa to give birth in Canada are the same as all Temporary Resident Visas. You will have to pay CAD$100 for the application and an additional CAD$85 if you have to give your biometric information. Finally, if your visa is approved, you will have to pay around CAD$45 for the passport processing.

What is the processing time for this visa?

Depending on the workload of the Canadian Consulate, you might have to wait from 1 week to around 5 or 6 weeks for your visa to be processed and for them to let you know whether you got the visa or not. Since you are planning to give birth in Canada, you must apply earlier so as not to be close to your due date if the application processing takes longer.

How long is this visa valid?

As with all Temporary Canada Visas, you can only stay in Canada for 6 months or less with this visa. The Consulate might give you a visa for a longer period and in some cases until your passport expires, but you cannot stay for more than 6 months at a time.

Can I bring my dependents to Canada with this visa?

Since this is a temporary visa, your spouse and other children cannot come with you to Canada with the same visa. They must all apply for the Canada Visitor Visa and you can submit the application together so that the Consulate can process you as a family instead of as individuals.

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