Requirements for U.S Medical treatment visa

Medical treatment visas are also part of the B-2 tourist visa that provides a foreign national with the ability to visit the United States for a short time and acquire medical assistance for standard and emergency issues. Knowing the requirements can help to prevent deportation and complications with the immigration authorities.

Visiting the United States

For a foreign national that wants to tour the country away from home, he or she will usually need a tourist visa or a B-2 visa. These are for both tourism and for medical reasons. The tourist visa can provide the individual with time in the United States that often requires visits to the local embassy as well as the country consulate. However, for treatment in the American country, the foreign national will need to provide treatment documents for medical procedures based on what was given from the home country. The treatment must require necessity, and the tourist must ensure he or she can pay for the process.

Required Documentation

For treatment, the foreign national will need a B-2 visa that is valid and current. Qualifications for this when needing medical treatment will require the healthcare documents and a United States immigration plan that explains why the brief visit to the country is important. Other evidence will usually include a statement that the sole reason for the trip to the country is for medical treatment and that the person only plans to stay for a short period verified by the paperwork from the foreign doctor. This person seeking treatment will also need a permanent residence in his or her country or another location, a valid passport to return home and the money to pay for the healthcare.

The Need for Medical Treatment

One of the primary requirements when a foreign national needs medical treatment is proof that he or she can pay for the treatment. The great need usually is what will compel the person to seek healthcare options in the United States even due to the extreme price. If the individual has the financial means to both travel, acquire the B-2 visa and pay for the treatment, the immigration authorities often grant the visa temporarily for the procedure. The foreign national will need to convince the consular office that he or she needs the procedure and will only stay in the country for the short time for the health process and recovery.

Letters of Medical Need

The foreign national will need to acquire documentation from his or her physician in the home country along with a United States medical professional that can confirm the need for medical assistance. The B-2 visa paperwork should include these facts along with other documentation from a medical practitioner. While in the country, a second opinion is often necessary before any treatment is given. The documents require official letters with the nature of the condition, the diagnosis and recommended treatment as well as the reason the treatment is not available in the home country. The foreign doctor will explain why the tourist needs assistance in the American country.

What to Do for the B-2 Visa

Before the person fills out the paperwork for the B-2 visa, he or she should research the matter. It is possible that the foreign national need not apply to the United States for a visa if the treatment is available in his or her home country or one that is not too far away. The person should contact a medical professional to discover who else is available to provide the procedure or if there is someone that is closer than the American country. This is a necessary step to acquire the B-2 and treatment in the United States, and it is important to follow it first.

After discovering the necessary doctor and treatment in the United States that is available for the condition, the foreign national will need to acquire a letter from a physician in the American country with his or her willingness to accept the person as a patient because of the information given from the local doctor. A treatment plan is a requirement along with the period of stay, the costs and what the foreign national will do for both inpatient and outpatient care.

B-2 Visa Legal Support

For both the tourist period and the B-2 visa, the foreign national may need a lawyer to assist with any technical and administrative problems that may arise through temporary stays in the United States or any issues that could happen later.

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